Ecopsychology Certificate


We’re using knowledge about our place in the natural world to imagine new possibilities for many professions. Join us to explore the interface between humans and nature in the 21st century.


Program Details

Semester hours: 8
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Part-time only
Courses offered: On campus only
Co-directors: Carol Doyle and Patricia Hasbach

News Highlights

Understanding people’s emotional connections with the natural world can be integral to meeting therapeutic, educational, or sustainability goals. Lewis & Clark’s Ecopsychology Certificate program provides an opportunity for mental health practitioners and graduate students to enhance their training with an evidence-based, experiential, and socially progressive ecopsychology curriculum. Certificate coursework explores questions like:

  • How do green spaces support the healthy development of children—and of communities?
  • What happens when you bring nature into the counseling office? Or when you take therapy outdoors?
  • How can psychological insights invigorate conservation efforts and support advocacy for social justice and community well-being?

The Certificate is open to:

  • Master’s students enrolled in Lewis & Clark Graduate School’s counseling programs
  • Master’s students at comparable counseling degree programs
  • Graduates of these counseling degree programs
  • Professionals seeking to expand their mental health or counseling practice and contribute to an ecologically healthy world

The Certificate is offered part-time and on campus only.

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