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Counseling Psychology

Amy Rees

Associate Professor

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Rogers Hall

Amy M. Rees is an associate professor of counseling psychology and co-coordinator of the Professional Mental Health Counseling Program.  Her research and teaching interests include GLBT issues, feminist therapies, counselor supervision, and ecosystemic child/adolescent treatment.

Areas of Expertise

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgendered Issues; Feminist Therapies; Counselor Supervision; Ecosystemic Child/Adolescent Treatment


  • Rees-Turyn, A.M, Doyle, C., Holland, A. & Root, S. (2008).  Sexism and sexual prejudice (homophobia):  The impact of the gender belief system and inversion theory on sexual orientation research and attitudes toward sexual minorities. Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling, 2 (1), 2-25.
  • Rees-Turyn, A.M. (2007).  Coming out and being out as activism: Challenges and opportunities for mental health professionals in red & blue states.  Journal of Gay and Lesbian Psychotherapy,11 (3-4) , 155-172.
  • Rees, A. M., Luzzo, D, Gridley, B., & Doyle. C  (2007). Relational personality theory and Holland typology among women: an exploratory investigation.  Career Development Quarterly. 55 (3), 194-205.
  • Wisdom, J.P., Rees A.M., Riley, K.J. & Weis, T.R. (2007). Adolescent perceptions of the gendered context of depression: “Tough” boys and objectified girls. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 29 (2), 144-162.
  • Padulo, M. & Rees, A.M. (2005).  Motivating women with disordered eating towards empowerment and change using narratives of archetypal metaphor. Women & Therapy, 29 (1/2).

Academic Credentials

Ph.D. 1998, M.A. 1995 Ball State University, B.S. 1993 Purdue University

45.445122971482; -122.671580079346