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Counseling, Therapy, and School Psychology

Elena Lilles Diamond

Assistant Professor


Rogers Hall

Elena Lilles Diamond received her PhD from the combined Counseling, Clinical, School Psychology program at the University of California, Santa Barbara with an emphasis in school psychology. She is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, a licensed school psychologist in Oregon and a credentialed school psychologist in California. Dr. Diamond is an assistant professor and program clinical coordinator for the School Psychology program at Lewis & Clark. 

Areas of Expertise

School Readiness, Early Intervention, Academic Achievement, Consultation, International School Psychology 

Current Research

Dr. Diamond has primarily been engaged in research that has focused on Latino/a children’s school readiness and early screening for academic challenges. 


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Academic Credentials

2011 PhD, 2008 M.Ed. University of California, Santa Barbara, 2005 BA University of Redlands