September 19, 2023

Kevin Wright (he/him) ’16

Kevin Wright ’16 is no stranger to complex systems. His career brings him both the privilege and opportunity to collaborate with leaders nationwide, both inside and outside of higher education, to transform them.

Kevin Wright '16

MA Student Affairs Administration ’16

Current Position

Senior Racial Equity Facilitator/Consultant


Center for Equity and Inclusion


Portland, OR

I facilitate diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) related training, employing culturally responsive and experiential learning facilitation techniques; develop internal capacity of client organizations to advance DEI; mentor and coach senior level executives; and serve as a thought leader in the design and development of next generation programs and curriculum.

When you joined the SAA program at Lewis & Clark, what career path did you plan to pursue?

I wanted to become a Senior Student Affairs Officer.

By the end of the program, did you have a different career outcome in mind? What either reinforced your original goal, or sent you in a different direction?

I still aspire to become a Senior Student Affairs Officer, but the program helped me realize I would like to serve in this capacity at specifically small or mid-sized institutions or community colleges.

Where did you complete your practicum and what was that experience like?

During my first year in the program I worked with the Office of Service Learning and Leadership at Lewis & Clark College. During my second year I was with TRIO Student Support Services at Portland State University. I enjoyed my experiences with both practicum sites and developed a greater appreciation for servant leadership, being trauma-informed, and being creative to address student needs and concerns.

How do you apply what you learned at L&C to your daily work?

One of the biggest lessons that came from each course I completed at L&C was how to navigate complex systems. As a Racial Equity Facilitator and Consultant, I have the privilege and opportunity to collaborate with leaders all over the country and support with transforming complex systems, both within higher education, and outside of higher education.