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Educational Leadership

Higher Education Student Affairs (HESA) Concentration

Higher Education Student Affairs (HESA)

The Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education & Counseling is committed to the exploration of new ideas, the pursuit of best practices in education, and the promotion of open dialogue, inquiry, respect, and social action to enhance learning.

The HESA doctoral concentration offers a graduate degree that prepares student affairs scholar-practitioner leaders with a deep commitment to equity, diversity, and social justice; and with a willingness to use collaborative discourse and inquiry to generate bold ideas that advance the student affairs profession and enhance the educational experiences of all college and university students that they serve.

A Social Justice Focus

A commitment to social justice in the field of student affairs administration today means advocating for full and equal participation of all students in higher education. It concerns creating intentional, inclusive communities where all voices are heard. Student affairs divisions, programs, and professionals with explicit commitments to social justice, on campuses across the nation, work to provide services and programming for students who have historically been underserved in higher education, they develop and facilitate programming that prepares students to navigate an increasingly diverse world, they lead social justice education programs, and work against prejudice, discrimination, and oppression within colleges and universities across the nation.

Developing Scholar-Practitioners

In accordance with the Student Affairs Professional Competency Areas, jointly developed by ACPA and NASPA, students who complete the Lewis & Clark Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership within the HESA concentration will demonstrate competency in the following ten areas: Advising and Helping; Assessment, Evaluation, and Research; Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; Ethical Professional Practice; History, Philosophy, and Values; Human and Organizational Resources; Law, Policy, and Governance; Leadership; Personal Foundations; Student Learning & Development.

All Lewis & Clark doctoral students are expected to develop as scholar-practitioners who can bring theory and inquiry to bear on pressing problems of injustice in education.

Program Details

Credits: 60 semester hours
Program Start Date:
Program Length:
 Approximately 3 years of part-time study (weekend, evening, and July summer classes)
Location: All classes are offered on the Lewis & Clark campus
Faculty Director
: Mollie Galloway and Sue Feldman



Students recruited and admitted into the concentration will primarily be those who can attend classes one weekend a month and four weeks in July and fit one of two criteria:

  • Professionals currently working in the field of higher education and seeking a terminal degree in order to move up into an upper-level position in the profession.
  • Master’s level recipients with experiences in P-20 education, student affairs, and/or volunteer work, whom are attracted to providing leadership in the areas of education whether that be in the area of policy, student affairs, and other areas of higher education.