Student Affairs Administration

Lewis & Clark’s Master of Arts in Student Affairs Administration aligns with the Department of Educational Leadership’s mission to be a rigorous environment where students, faculty, and staff are open to being uncomfortable, challenged, and, at times, wrong. 

In the Student Affairs Administration program, this means we engage in challenging and thoughtful dialogue about the system of higher education, the reproduction of inequality on college campuses, and our collective role and responsibility in working toward educational equity.

Why our program?


In every step of the program, equity is at the core. From the moment you arrive at new student orientation to the final steps you take at commencement, you will be challenged to consider: how can higher education, as a system, be made more equitable for marginalized students? Every class, text, theory, and discussion will center this question and prepare you to bring an equity-driven frame and commitment into student affairs work.


We recognize that your time in the program is only as valuable as your ability to employ your skills and expertise in the field upon completion. Thus, we are committed to your job placement process, offering comprehensive support as you transition into your student affairs career. This support ranges from cover letter and resume writing to strategizing about job opportunities. 

Cohort Model

You will complete courses in rigorous, small-group settings, together with a small cohort of your peers. This structure provides extensive support for students during the program, and leads to lifetime systems of social support and extensive professional networks.

Practical Experience

Our program offers a number of graduate assistantships that offer tangible training in student affairs, as well as hourly pay to support the cost of attendance. Students are encouraged to apply for available graduate assistantships.

In addition to graduate assistantship opportunities, the program includes two practica experiences (one on-campus; and one off-campus) that are facilitated by the program to increase practical training.

National standards

The curriculum of the MA in Student Affairs Administration is designed to prepare students in the 2010 Professional Competency Areas jointly developed by the ACPA and NASPA, which set out the “broad professional knowledge, skills, and, in some cases, attitudes expected of student affairs professionals.” These include:

  • Advising and Helping
  • Assessment, Evaluation and Research
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Ethical Professional Practice
  • Human and Organizational Resources
  • Law, Policy and Governance
  • Leadership
  • Personal Foundations
  • Student Learning and Development

Program Details

Credit Hours 39 semester hours
Program Start September
Program Length Two Years
Part-Time Option Three Years
Class Schedule Evenings & Weekends

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