SAA Alumni

Our Student Affairs Administration alums reflect upon their career paths and share how they are making a difference in higher education today.

  • Delfine DeFrank '21

    Delfine DeFrank ’21 often draws upon the mentorship of the professors of color in her program along with the patience of being in a cohort.

  • Lucas English '22

    Lucas English ’22 entered the Student Affairs Program with plans to ultimately become a lawyer. A conversation with a faculty member set him on his path towards a PhD instead and helped him discover the work that was truly meaningful to him.

  • Andrea Salyer '22

    Andrea Salyer ’22 reminds herself that she doesn’t need to be the expert in everything related to social change and social justice. That, in fact, it is impossible to be an expert. Instead, she says her role is to be open, authentic, and driven by equity, justice and constant growth as a professional. Most importantly, she strives to instill in students that we are all whole people and deserve to be seen and honored as such.

  • Aaron Campbell '20

    Aaron Campbell ’20 often thinks about his supportive SAA cohort when he finds himself experiencing challenging times at work and in life. He calls his experience at L&C “incredibly impactful” and credits it with helping him succeed in all of his professional roles.

  • Kevin Wright '16

    Kevin Wright ’16 is no stranger to complex systems. His career brings him both the privilege and opportunity to collaborate with leaders nationwide, both inside and outside of higher education, to transform them.

  • Connor Adams, Student Affairs Administration '16

    Connor Adams ’16 believes in creating an equitable and accessible higher education experience through philanthropy.

  • Michael Paz, Student Affairs Administration '21

    Michael Paz ’21 says it is crucial when working in higher education to think about power and privilege with any decision he makes. He credits Lewis & Clark’s SAA program with instilling in him the importance of slowing down and asking questions that have not been asked before.