September 19, 2023

Aaron Campbell (he/him) ’20

Aaron Campbell ’20 often thinks about his supportive SAA cohort when he finds himself experiencing challenging times at work and in life. He calls his experience at L&C “incredibly impactful” and credits it with helping him succeed in all of his professional roles.

Aaron Campbell '20 Aaron Campbell ’20MA Student Affairs Administration ’20

Current Position

Associate Director of Advising Services


Clark College


Vancouver, WA

I lead, develop and manage advisors at Clark College; implement advising policies, procedures and transition points; and oversee advising processes for student retention and completion initiatives—all while applying the social justice and equity framework that I gained at L&C.

When you joined the SAA program at Lewis & Clark, what career path did you plan to pursue?

I planned to pursue student affairs, primarily athletics.

By the end of the program, did you have a different career outcome in mind? What either reinforced your original goal, or sent you in a different direction?

I did. My time in the program at L&C started the thought process that maybe I could pursue something beyond athletics in higher ed. I still loved my role in athletics but it opened the door to new opportunities.

Where did you complete your practicum and what was that experience like?

My first practicum was with Health Promotion and Wellness. It was a great introduction to a different part of campus and also gave me in-depth experience working on a grant. My second practicum was through the graduate school at Lewis & Clark and I helped start and run social media outreach for the SAA program. It was great because it allowed me to build a foundation for data and assessment, and also gave me the flexibility to learn while working full time.

How do you apply what you learned at L&C to your daily work?

The social justice and equity framework is central to everything that I do. I also had a great cohort who challenged and supported me while doing full time school and full time work, which I often think about in challenging times at work and in life. My experience at L&C was incredibly impactful and has helped me in all of my roles.