Dr. Jessica Thomas

Jessica Thomas

Adjunct Professor

Dr. Jessica Thomas holds an MS in Marriage and Family Therapy and a PhD in Psychology with an emphasis in Transpersonal Psychology. She is a therapist, a AAMFT trained clinical supervisor, grief educator and professor. 

Jessica currently serves as president on the board of The NW Association for Death Education and Bereavement Support. As a professor at Lewis & Clark College, she teaches on death, loss and psycho-spiritual development, oversees clinical training, Her doctoral research, Mindful Photography and its Implications in End-of-life Caregiving: An Art-based Phenomenology focused on creative expression and the experience of anticipatory loss. Jessica utilizes mindful photography as a spiritual practice and in therapy groups with those experiencing grief and loss.

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Integrating Spirituality in Psychotherapy: A Path Toward Resilience and Transformation

Treatment Issues in Death, Loss & Grief: A Systems Perspective

Integrating Spirituality in Psychotherapy

Dr. Jessica Thomas

Areas of Expertise

Death, dying, and grief; psycho-spiritual development; post trauma growth; transpersonal psychology; clinical education and supervision 


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Academic Credentials

PhD Psychology— emphasis in Transpersonal Psychology  

MS Marriage and Couple Family Therapy 

Location: Portland, Oregon