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Marriage, Couple & Family Therapy

Student and Faculty Demographics

Student Demographics

Students are asked to self-identify their race in the annual current student survey. Because we do not provide categories from which they choose a race, we have many combinations reported. Below is limited portrayal of their make-up as reported by students in 2013:


  • 70% identified as European-Americans
  • 6% identified as Bi-racial
  • 6% identified as Multi-racial
  • 4% identified as Asian
  • 1% identified as Pacific Islander
  • 1% identified as White/Hispanic
  • The remaining 12% identified using other descriptors (e.g. Other, nonexistent, etc)


  • Reported Range 22-56
  • Mode=24, 25 (multiple modes)

Country of Origin

  • 85% United States
  • Other countries represented include Canada, Mexico, Romania, Serbia, Sri Lanka, and Switzerland

Region of United States

  • All regions of the United States are represented

Faculty Demographics

The program’s ethnically diverse faculty composition provides role modeling for our students and challenges to our own multicultural and cross- cultural development. There are currently five full-time faculty, three of which are tenure-track, and include two European-American females, one Latina female born in Colombia, one Dominican-American female, and one European-American male. This team is heterosexual and currently able-bodied. The current adjunct faculty includes two European-American heterosexual males, a Latina female and two European-American females.