Ngoc K.

Artist Statement

As an emerging BIPoC Art Therapist, my art takes a close look into navigating my understanding of self and what kind of future clinician I wish to be. This process entails the importance of exploring art media beyond that of my paint brushes. Living through this pandemic, I have learned there are multitudes of ways to create art, primarily through a screen. Using a digital media approach, I created digital game art that incorporates my personal approach to navigating my cultural identity in conjunction with myself and a larger system. Utilizing this media choice has helped integrate the rapidly changing nature of digital media in art therapy and the world.

In order to fully grasp and take a deeper look at myself, I created The Game in my lens. My identity holds various layers and everyday I choose the character I want to be to play The Game. In this project, I have created several characters of myself that represent different aspects of who I am. My character will start The Game with the items, which will gain experience (XP) as I navigate the obstacles.

Title: Navigating Cultural Identity in Conjunction with My Sense of Self and a Larger System by Playing “The Game”

Media: Digital Design

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