School Counseling Continuing Education Coursework

The following courses are designed for school counseling students and/or practicing school counselors and can be taken for graduate degree-applicable and/or continuing education credit. 

If you are a practicing school counselor and have questions about the type of credit you need for licensure renewal, please contact Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission for advising.

  • SCED 550 Clinical Issues for School Counseling
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    Offered: Spring and summer
    2 semester hours
  • SCED 598 Best Practices for Serving Latinx CommunitesOffered: Spring 1 semester hour
  • SCED 598 Motivational Strategies for School Counselors  Introduces students to a variety of strategies school counselors can utilize to enhance students’ intrinsic motivation to change and achieve in the academic, personal, social, and career domains.
    Offered: Spring
    1 semester hour

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How to register:

Contact the School Counseling program to find out how to register as a Special Student for these courses (see contact information on the right).