Students of Color Alliance


The Graduate Students of Color Alliance (GSoCA) at Lewis & Clark College is a student-led community where all graduate students of color are able to come together to support one another; build relationships; and establish connections with professionals of color within the Portland community.


GSoCA acknowledges the duty to increase awareness regarding the concerns of graduate students of color within the graduate campus community. We aim to advocate for and support our members by: 

  • Developing a social network where students of color can discuss and support one another around presenting issues in academic and professional settings. 
  • Promoting professional development opportunities that build connections between students of color and professionals of color at Lewis & Clark and in the greater Portland community. 
  • Celebrating the contributions of people of color and increasing recognition of the challenges faced by historically underrepresented groups by organizing events on campus that may include speakers and workshops. 
  • Emphasizing collaborative problem solving and promotion of equity in the classroom and interactions with fellow students, staff, and faculty.




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