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Northwest Writing Institute (NWI)

What part does writing play in your life? What part would you like it to play? What does the world need that only your stories, your poems, your voice and vision could provide?

The Northwest Writing Institute (NWI) at the Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling is a place to explore these questions in good company.

Our writing classes are offered to teachers, counselors, parents, veterans, and all community members interested in the power of stories to help us understand and practice human connections for the good of all.

Supported by the Center for Community Engagement, our offerings are held on the Lewis & Clark campus and in the community. Please join us for a class, symposium, retreat or experimental gathering. We can’t tell the whole story without your voice.

Kim Stafford’s aphorisms on the benefits of daily writing …

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Dew & Honey
Kim Stafford, PhD

Sip by sip in thimble cup
the meadow bees will drink it up
then ferry home to bounty’s hive
by flowers’ flavor hum and thrive
to show us how through word and song,by gesture small and patience long,
in spite of our old foolish ways we may fashion better days.

So, my friend, come sip and savor
syllables as crumbs of pleasure.
By sunrise, in our conversations,
we begin a better nation.


New & Noteworthy

Faculty member Joanne Mulcahy has a new book out, Writing Abroad: A Guide for Traveler (University of Chicago Press, 2018), and NWI faculty member Laura Moulton continues to run Street Roots, the bike-powered library for people living outside in Portland. The NWI’s founding director, Kim Stafford, has been named Oregon’s ninth Poet Laureate by Governor Kate Brown for a two-year term.

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