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Chaperones Needed for POST outdoor program

May 04, 2015

Garfield High School’s POST program in Seattle is looking for looking for adult chaperones for their May Dessert School in Eastern Washington. They badly need a chaperone for each session who is experienced in rock climbing, and seven more regular chaperones for the first session. The rock climbing chaperone does not need to have a specific certification, however, does need to be experienced in rock climbing and belaying. This is an all-expenses paid volunteer gig, and chaperones would be supporting a great program from a great school! (Talk to Lily about the cost of traveling from Portland, which might not be included.) Students interested in youth, outdoors, and/or education might be interested. Chaperones need to be 21 and up and pass a background check. Sessions: #1) May 16 through 20 #2) May 21 through May 25 Activities include rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking. The chaperone job is pretty hands off with regard to student instruction for regular chap! erones. The student staff supervise the activities in teams of 10 to 12 and cycle through a schedule of events for each day. Chaperones are on hand at each “station” for emergency situations, general oversight, insuring compliance to trip rules by students and to comply with BSA requirements for adult supervision. Chaperones are the voices of reason and the support team in the event of an emergency, and student staff are the leaders that teach and guide their peers. Anyone interested should contact Lily Rosencrantz ( or Terry Rosencrantz (, or Meryl Roth (


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