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Job Posting: Psych Tutor

September 02, 2014

My son is a senior at PSU majoring in psychology. He has some learning disabilities, but has worked very hard to achieve a 3.5+ GPA. The upper level psych classes, at this point, seem mostly to involve writing short papers each term.

I am an LC alum and we used to live very close to campus so we have employed many students over the last decade or more tutoring the kids and doing routine personal assistant type things.

We have had great luck and success with LC psych majors helping my son through PSU classes (all of our previous tutors have graduated and moved on). My son lives in SW Portland and is available to meet at PSU and, on weekends, up at LC.

We pay cash weekly, usually $15-$20/hour. If interested, please contact me at<> or 503-329-9732.

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