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Danielle Torres

October 10, 2011

Associate professor of school counseling


What’s different about Lewis & Clark’s School Counseling program?

We want our students to come out of the program as leaders. We want our school counselors to not just be the old school traditional counselor that sits in their office and waits for kids to come by, or the place where teachers send the problem students to. We want them to really focus on all kids and meet those kids where they are, to identify what their needs are and address those needs individually and as a school.

What’s the best part about your job working with students in the School Counseling program?

I feel really lucky—I get to spend two years with these candidates and they all come in at really different points in their learning. Some of them have a lot of experience, some of them are newer to education, some of them have families of their own, some of them are younger. We’ve got great diversity in the group. My hope for them is that they grow from wherever they started.

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