School Counseling

Lewis & Clark is a leader in the field of school counselor preparation. We will help you transform students’ lives and their opportunities for learning.

Mission Statement

The Educational Leadership Department at Lewis & Clark aims to be a rigorous environment where students, faculty, and staff are open to being uncomfortable/challenged/wrong. By choosing to be in this space, we learn to practice leadership as collective discourse, inquiry, and action designed to disrupt the status quo, make structural disparities visible, and create fairness in opportunities and outcomes for minoritized students, families, and communities across the P-20 spectrum. The school counseling program emphasizes a democratic, systemic approach to school counseling that gives you the skills to reach out to students whose needs are not being met, and to involve all members of the community—parents, educators, administrators, peers—in ensuring student success.

Our programs focus on collaboration and dialogue in small classes with lots of individual attention. Students also spend substantial time working in schools, beginning during their first semester of coursework. By the end of your program, you will have experienced the continuity of the education system and will be prepared for licensure across all grades.


We offer the following for both practicing educators (Track I) and those who do not have a teaching license (Track II):

You can learn more about our programs, applying, licensure, and career options by reading our FAQs. You can also read about our program outcomes.

Academic philosophy

The School Counseling Program at Lewis & Clark is competency-based, preparing candidates to deliver comprehensive school counseling programs based on the American School Counseling Association National Model. Candidates develop close relationships with counselor-practitioners and faculty while learning to promote student, school, and community collaboration through resiliency and asset-based leadership and advocacy. As professional leaders, school counselors recognize education as a community endeavor requiring the best collaborative efforts of students, educators, and community members.

The School Counseling Program continually reviews and improves course offerings to reflect the changing expectations occurring at local, regional, and national levels while maintaining academic and philosophical integrity.

Programs in school counseling at Lewis & Clark are approved and accredited by the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) and the Council for Accreditation of Educator Programs (CAEP)

Information Sessions

Visit campus and speak with program advisors at regularly held information sessions. A schedule of upcoming sessions is available on the Admissions website.