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Teacher Education

Secondary Program


Lewis & Clark’s program for beginning educators in middle and high school (grades 5-12) is focused on education and adolescent development and learning.
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Program details

Degree title: Master of Arts in Teaching w/ Preliminary Teaching License, Secondary
Total credit hours
: 40
Program start date: June
Program length: 13 months
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Option to apply to the MAT with ESOL Endorsement
Program Director: Liza Finkel


Lewis & Clark’s program for beginning educators in middle and high school (grades 5-12) is focused on preparing teachers committed to social justice. Candidates will combine their passion for their content area with knowledge of adolescent development and practice the instructional skills needed to effectively meet the learning needs of young people.

You choose which content area you want to be endorsed to teach in
  • Art  (Program Coordinator: Amy Turnbull)

In addition, all teacher candidates will have the opportunity to work with other education specialists whose area of expertise cuts across all disciplines:  Lina Darwich (Adolescent Development), Alejandra Favela (ESOL) and Kimberly Campbell (Teacher Education Department Chair; Summer MAT Program Director).

December 12th, 2017

Yearlong student teaching experience

The field experience prepares you to:

  • Meet the needs of adolescents in ways that honor and extend their experiences as well as to enhance adolescents’ capacity to solve problems
  • Develop strategies that support the creation of democratic learning communities, drawing on research in theory and best practices
  • Cultivate connections between learners and the world beyond the classroom
  • Incorporate a range of teaching and technological resources

In all our work, we honor the work of John Dewey in emphasizing the importance of being a student of teaching.

 How to Apply

  • Visit the admissions website for full details on admissions requirements, deadlines, financial aid information and more.
  • Contact program coordinator if you have questions.

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