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Teacher Education

Early Childhood/Elementary

Program Details

Degree title: Master of Arts in Teaching w/ Initial Teaching License, Early Childhood/Elementary Authorizations

Total credit hours: 40
Program start date: June
Program length: 12-13 months

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Option to apply to the M.A.T. with ESOL Endorsement

This is a unique program of study for aspiring educators of young children (grades K-8) focused on schools as transformative institutions that enhance social justice and equity. We seek candidates who are committed to an interactive, dynamic, intellectual approach to teaching and learning.

About the Program

Candidates spend an entire year with one group of children at a school – from beginning to end they are able to witness the development of a group of children over time and to obtain first-hand experience of an entire school year. Many area administrators have commented that hiring a Lewis & Clark graduate is like hiring a second-year teacher—you’re that well-prepared.

What to Expect

Our program begins in mid-June. You and your cohort members spend this first summer of the program on the Lewis & Clark campus, taking classes, building relationships, and beginning to prepare for student teaching. Beginning in late August, you will join your mentor at your school site to prepare the classroom for the arrival of children and the start of the school year. Student teaching sites include schools in the Portland Public, Reynolds, David Douglas, and West-Linn/Wilsonville districts, among many others.

During the fall semester, which concludes just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, you will be on campus with your cohort three days a week and at your school site for two full days. In December and during the first week of January, you will be at your school site full time. In the spring semester, the emphasis shifts even more heavily to student teaching—you will be at your school site three full days per week and taking classes on campus the remaining two days. Following spring break and through the end of the school year, you will be teaching at your site full time. During this time, you can expect to plan, prepare, and teach for six full weeks. The year concludes with time spent co-teaching with your mentor.

Prepared to work with culturally and linguistically diverse students

Public schools are experiencing significant demographic shifts with sometimes dramatic increases in speakers of languages other than English. For this reason, all Lewis & Clark Master of Arts in Teaching candidates are trained to meet the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse students through rigorous coursework in this area. If you are interested in more extensive preparation, consider applying to the M.A.T. with ESOL Endorsement program, which allows you to earn an ESOL Endorsement for fewer credits than if you pursued the ESOL Endorsement as a standalone program (52 total credits, instead of 48). Possessing an ESOL endorsement early in your teaching career can provide a significant benefit to you as you seek jobs and prepare to work with diverse students and families in schools.


Students in this program may work with the following faculty members: Kasi Allen, Alejandra Favela, Linda Griffin, Alicia Roberts Frank, David Ward, Jill Lang, and Jennifer De Saxe.

Video: A day in the life of a student teacher



Jobs Update, Class of '14

  • Sylvia Walter-Caldera

    Renaissance School of the Arts and Sciences, Portland, Oregon

  • Meridan Sleeth

    Wilkes Elementary, Gresham, Oregon

  • Kelly Nichols

    North Clackamas School District, Oregon

  • Allye Kaplan

    Sunnyside Elementary, Portland Public Schools, Oregon

  • Madelyn Troiano  

    Rigler Elementary, Portland Public Schools, Oregon

  • Kara Soulas

    Portland Public Schools, Oregon

  • Sarah Batten     

    Bridger Elementary, Portland Public Schools, Oregon

  • Cortney Rickards 

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • Alison Priewe    

    Corvallis, Oregon

  • Lauren Powers    

    Willamette Primary, West-Linn, Oregon

  • Trish Murphy     

    Nome Public Schools, Alaska

  • Paje Morrow

    Boone’s Ferry Elementary, Wilsonville, Oregon

  • Carrie Jones     

    Portland Public Schools, Oregon

  • Kelley Jenkins   

    Beaverton School District, Oregon

  • Tori Hamachek

    Edy Ridge Elementary School, Sherwood, Oregon

  • Allison Francis

    West Linn-Wilsonville School District, Oregon


  • Shelby Dietsch   

    Bridger Elementary, Portland Public Schools, Oregon

  • Jessi Carrier    

    Three Rivers Charter, West Linn, Oregon

  • Lindsay Carlton  

    Nancy Ryles Elementary, Beaverton School District, Oregon

  • Christine Busacca

    Portland Public Schools, Oregon

  • Amber Black

    David Douglas School District, Oregon

  • Lauriel Amoroso

    Yelm Community Schools, Washington

  • Tala AlMangour  

    William Walker Elementary, Beaverton, Oregon


How to Apply

  • Visit the admissions website for full details on admissions requirements, deadlines, financial aid information and more.
  • Contact faculty coordinators Linda Griffin or David Ward with questions about the program itself

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