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How do I earn the certificate? What are my credit options for earning the certificate?

June 14, 2011

Practicing counselors, educators, and others are free to enroll in all of the certificate courses in sequence, but will not be issued the certificate credential unless they have applied for and been granted admission to the program. The credential is only issued for students who have taken either (1) all courses for degree-applicable credit or (2) all courses for non-degree-applicable credit (in other words, the certificate cannot be issued if some courses were taken for degree-applicable credit and some were taken for non-degree-applicable credit; they must all be taken for the same kind of credit.

Degree-applicable credit certificate

Non-degree-applicable (continuing education) credit certificate 

Register for all courses at the 500, 600, or 900 level Register for all courses at the 800 level
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Student may apply courses toward the completion of a graduate-level degree Students may not apply courses toward a degree.


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