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*Free* Interactional Analysis Labs: Seeing, Analyzing and Evaluating Teaching and Learning in the Classroom

Date: 5:30pm - 7:00pm PDT March 14 Location: Lewis & Clark Graduate School, York 117

Lewis & Clark Graduate School, York 117

Principals and teachers have long been frustrated by the inadequacy of in-person classroom observations used as a basis for teacher evaluation. Classroom visit are difficult to schedule and they often miss important and powerful instructional moments. Furthermore, they reinforce unhelpful power imbalances between teachers and principals, and rarely provide sufficient or meaningful feedback that teachers want.

All of these inadequacies are tied to the outdated practice of in-person observations that no longer need to limit the effectiveness of teachers and principals ability to accurately assess real time, classroom teaching and learning. 

Details and Registration

Dates: Wednesday, February 28, March 7, March 14, 2018, 5:30-7 p.m.
Participants are welcome to attend one or multiple sessions

Location: Lewis & Clark Graduate School, York 117

Instructor: Sue Feldman

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With advances in video technology and video analysis software, teachers can now capture the complexity of teaching and learning in an immediate and accurate format.

One great thing about a video recording is if a video session does not have meaningful moments of learning that are meaningful for examining, analyzing and assessing teaching, it can be erased.

When using interactional analysis as both a learning theory and a set of analytic tools, we can identify and analyze learning in classroom interaction.

This interactional analysis labs are designed for educators (teachers, coaches, counselors, and principals) interested in identifying, analyzing and assessing learning in classroom interactions and turning the analysis into meaningful feedback for teaching and learning. 

All materials needed to participate will be provided. Please feel free to bring snacks or a meal along with you, as this takes place during the dinner hour. If you are interested and have questions, please email Sue Feldman at

About the Instructor

Sue Feldman is a mixed methods researcher. Sue combines her background in cognitive psychology and education leadership and policy to form an interdisciplinary research agenda focused on how people learn to lead new practices. Sue has worked as an education researcher with the Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy at the University of Washington, and as a research scientist with FACET Innovations, a learning sciences research group, in Seattle Washington, focused on how people learn science. Most recently, Sue created a new research center at Education Service District 112, in Vancouver, Washington where she has been conducting research for and with school district leaders. In addition to ten years of experience working in teacher education, Sue brings a wealth of school and district leadership experience to her research including ten years working in school improvement administration at the school, district and regional levels. All of her work stems from a deep interest in learning and an abiding commitment to the promise of public education to equalize recognition and participation in generating democracy.


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