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New alumni benefit: Student loan counseling and free financial planning

September 13, 2013

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Lewis & Clark’s Office of Financial Aid has partnered with American Student Assistance (ASA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering students to overcome their loan debt, to unlock SALT, an online resource that extends free loan counseling and expert financial advice to both current students and alumni.

The site takes its name from the mineral used before the advent of coinage as a down-to-earth currency. In that spirit of simplicity, SALT offers features ranging from profiles on students who overcame loan debt burdens to articles under headlines like, “find free money for school.

Thanks to the Office of Financial Aid’s partnership with ASA, students and alumni can gain free access to SALT’s advanced planning options. Users can collate their loans on SALT’s “dashboard” to compare repayment strategies, as well as find financial calculators, educational tools, and an interactive financial planning curriculum.

Members of the Lewis & Clark community can also reach student loan experts by phone and email for unbiased and personalized advice on payment plans and issues they encounter during the repayment process.

To log in to SALT and begin your financial planning, click here

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