What is Peer Mentoring?

You might choose to work with a peer mentor—someone who has been where you are.

“I consider my mentor to be a friend. They’ve been such a valuable addition to my counseling and to my life.”


Peer mentors can be a helpful support option. They provide an experienced sounding board as you navigate away from problem gambling and toward the life you want.

Your peer mentor respects your confidentiality and your personal goals in a non-judgmental, supportive way. They will work in conjunction with you and your counselor or, if you prefer, you can also access peer mentoring without engaging in counseling.

Lewis & Clark Problem Gambling Services works with Voices of Problem Gambling Recovery (VPGR) to pair you with a certified peer mentor. VPGR is a nonprofit partner organization that provides peer mentoring and other services to those affected by problem gambling.

People who become credentialed VPGR peer mentors are at least two years beyond their own problem gambling and have completed a certification process that includes 40 hours of specialized training.

Because peer mentors have the experience of living with problem gambling, they provide a unique perspective which can support you on your journey. 

Some examples of things you might ask your mentor to do:
  • Meet you for coffee
  • Call or text you to check in
  • Attend a Gamblers Anonymous, SMART Recovery®, Celebrate Recovery®, Refuge Recovery, Gam-Anon, or other self-help group meeting with you
  • Be there for you when you need someone to call or text
  • Share their experience overcoming problem gambling
  • Go with you to an appointment
  • Help you stay on track with your goals
  • Run an errand with you
  • Help you problem-solve your challenges 
  • Listen to how you’re feeling
  • Celebrate your successes
  • Be a confidant when you need one