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Problem Gambling Services


Counseling services are free, confidential, and available on weekends.

Call 503-768-6325 or email

Llame 503-686-4600 para servicios gratuitos, confidenciales, de consejería para los problemas a las apuestas.

At Lewis & Clark Problem Gambling Services, we know treatment works. We can help you access the strengths within yourself, your family and your community to make a positive difference. 


Our state of the art approach is informed by evidence-based practices, the latest research, and extensive expertise in problem gambling—all tailored to find solutions that are right for you!

We integrate the professional fields of mental health and addictions/dual diagnosis counseling and marriage and family therapy.  Advanced clinical interns work as a team with highly qualified trainers and supervisors who specialize in problem gambling counseling.

Our staff has intensive education and training in problem gambling.  As an interdisciplinary team, we take an integrated, holistic approach. This includes how problem gambling affects - and is affected by – us as individuals, our relationships, the contexts in which we live and how we make meaning of life:

  • How we think, feel, and act
  • How our bodies and brains function
  • Our ability to be close and trust others
  • Our relationships and communication
  • Work, school and neighborhood settings
  • Our cultures
  • Our religious, spiritual, existential beliefs and practices
  • How we relate to money

Problem gambling strikes across gender, race, social class, migration status, sexual orientation, age, languages, and abilities. We strive to be culturally sensitive and aware of the historical, economic, and political influences affecting all of our relationships with each other as well as our relationships with gambling. 

We offer interpretive services for counseling those who are deaf or prefer to speak languages other than English. Our counseling center is ADA accessible.


Keeping your confidentiality is important to us.  For more information on confidentiality please click here.

Fees and Services

We provide free, confidential treatment to Oregon residents who have gambling problems and their families or friends. Treatment is funded by the Oregon Lottery.

Washington residents who do the majority of their gambling with Oregon Lottery products, and their families, can also receive free services.


Our history with problem gambling treatment

The Professional Mental Health and Addictions Counseling Program (PMHC-A) at Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling has a long and productive history of working to address issues related to problem gambling in Oregon. PMHC-A has collaborated closely with the Oregon Problem Gambling Services (OPGS) and the Oregon Council on Problem Gambling (OCPG) to develop and implement gambling counselor training courses.

Supported through an ongoing workforce development grant for the past six years, two gambling counseling training courses have been offered that fulfill all of the educational requirements for Certified Gambling Addiction Counselor I (CGAC I) and have been evaluated to be highly successful in training/preparing clinicians to work with problem gamblers and their significant others.

The Lewis & Clark Problem Gambling Services (PGS) clinic opened in January 2013. Under the supervision of well-trained and experienced problem gambling professionals, advanced clinical interns provide the majority of services.

The clinic employs Feedback-Informed Treatment, where individuals who receive services give PGS written feedback each week about whether and how their lives are changing, and they also rate their experience with their counselor. This written feedback is sent to a national database that evaluates PGS outcomes in real time and compares them to other U.S. treatment programs. The national database consistently scores PGS as “Highly Effective.”


Call 503-768-6325 for free, confidential problem gambling counseling at our clinic located near downtown Portland.


Read an interview with clinic director Rick Berman in the Skanner newspaper for more about how gambling affects Oregonians and how treatment can help.

Problem Gambling Services

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    Clinic Director
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