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Problem Gambling Services


If you are gambling, can you answer “yes” to any of the following?

Do you sometimes become preoccupied with gambling or how to get money to gamble?

Have you found yourself unable to cut down or stop gambling?

Are you restless and irritable when not gambling?

Is gambling a way for you to get away from difficult feelings or to “feel better”?

Do you borrow money for gambling or to pay bills?

Have you lied to people you care for about gambling or unpaid debt?

Do you hide the amount of time you spend gambling?

Do you find yourself gambling to try to win back losses?

Have you lost time at work or school because of gambling?

Have you done something illegal to get money for gambling?

Have you jeopardized a significant relationship or job by gambling?

Do you ignore phone calls and messages from home while gambling?


If you care about someone who is gambling, can you answer “yes” to any of the following? 

Do you sometimes become preoccupied with someone else’s gambling?

At times are you uncomfortably angry at someone for gambling?

Do you provide “bail out” money to a gambler to pay bills or recuperate losses?

Do you wonder what the person you care about is doing during long periods of time?

Have you made excuses for someone’s gambling?

Has the person you care about lost time at work or school because of gambling?

Are your finances affected by another person’s gambling?

Are you experiencing relationship problems or conflict due to someone’s gambling?

Do you suspect your phone calls and messages are being ignored when the person you care about is gambling?

Do you feel depressed, anxious or at a loss about a gambling problem that is out of your control?


If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, gambling may be the problem. Call 503-768-6325 to make an appointment for free problem gambling counseling services.


Llame 503-686-4600 para servicios gratuitos, confidenciales, de consejería para los problemas a las apuestas.

Problem Gambling Services

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