Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to agree to stop all gambling to get help?

No. We can provide help whether your goal is to simply figure out whether or not you have a gambling problem or your goal is to stop all gambling, gamble less, or continue some types of gambling while stopping others.

My family member who has a gambling problem won’t agree to see a counselor at this time. Can I see a counselor without them?

Absolutely. We can help you work on reducing the stress your loved one’s gambling causes you; developing more safety in the family and stabilizing finances. Also — if it is one of your goals — we can support you to find more effective ways to encourage your loved one to get help.

Can the counselor help me with my finances?

Yes. Your counselor can help you create a household budget, help you make decisions about debt payment; help you discuss payment plans with creditors; and help you create processes in your family to manage finances in a way that creates more safety and stability. If you need more specialized help from a financial professional, your counselor can offer referrals.

Who is eligible for free services?

Anyone who gambles in Oregon or who has a loved one with a gambling problem in Oregon is eligible for one year of free services. Residents of other states can also receive free services for one year if the person with the gambling problem does the majority of her/his gambling with Oregon Lottery products, e.g., video poker in Oregon establishments, Keno, etc.

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What will my first appointment be like?

You will meet privately with your own personal counselor to talk about your goals and begin to make a plan to address the concerns that brought you to the clinic. Allow two hours for this appointment. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions about our services. The counselor you meet with that day will continue to be your personal counselor. You will also be asked to take some time during the appointment to complete a number of forms, if you have not done so already, that will allow the state to pay for your services and to track the effectiveness of our program. 

Can other family members attend my first appointment with me?

Yes. We strongly encourage you to bring your spouse, partner, parent(s), children, or other family members or close friends to the first appointment. Research shows that involvement of family members in treatment makes it more likely that you’ll reach your goals. Anyone you want to help support you can attend the appointment and also receive services if they choose.

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I have other mental health and/or addiction problems besides gambling. Can I get help for these other problems?

We use a holistic approach to recovery from gambling problems. If your other problem(s) is connected to the gambling problem we can incorporate help for that problem into your services at our clinic. For example, if you gamble to distract yourself from depression or anxiety we will address the depression or anxiety together with the gambling. If your other problem(s) does not appear to have any connection to gambling the state gambling program will not pay for services to address the other problem(s). In that case we will refer you to another provider for that problem while we continue to work together on problem gambling.