For Couples, Friends, and Families

Baffled by your loved one’s gambling? You’re not the first person to feel this way.

It can hurt when you don’t understand why your loved one is doing the things that they’re doing. Your family member may not see their gambling as a problem. You may find yourself feeling angry, worried, and confused. You’ve probably tried to help your loved one and feel like little that you have done has worked for long.  

Gambling can be as addictive and destructive as alcohol or drugs. But there is more social stigma today about problem gambling than there is around alcohol or drug addictions.

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Problem gambling can embarrass and isolate family members, preventing them from getting much-needed support.

Seeing your loved one’s gambling this way may be new for you and for other friends and family members. It’s hard to understand how something that is “just a game” for so many people can be a devastating problem for others.

Who can access our counseling services? 

Anyone affected by problem gambling is welcome to seek free, confidential help and support. We can help you address the stress that gambling causes, develop more safety, and build a plan to stabilize family finances.

The involvement of family members in counseling makes it more likely that things will improve for everyone, including the person who has problems with gambling—even if that person doesn’t attend counseling themselves. Also, if it is one of your goals, we can support you in finding ways to encourage your loved one to get help.    

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