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The Nature Within: Queer Eco Stories from the Pacific Northwest

Date: 7:00pm PDT May 30, 2013 Location: Q Center, 4115 N. Mississippi Ave, Portland

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    Kirk Shepard

Q Center, 4115 N. Mississippi Ave, Portland

Join Kirk Shepard for his Ecopsycholgy capstone project presentation. Participants will watch a short documentary film followed by a facilitated discussion.

Kirk’s project aims to illuminate important stories from LGBTQ individuals that would otherwise be overlooked, and asks:

If queer people investigate and claim their own eco-stories, can they come out with a greener pride and proclaim the ways in which sexual and gender diversity are central to the foundation of a sustainable ecosystem?

This event is FREE and open to the public

About Kirk Shepard

Kirk Shepard completes his M.A. in Counseling in May 2013. He plans to launch a private practice with a strong focus on serving the LGBTQ community. Kirk believes that idenity is rooted in social, emotional, and cultural histories. He has particular interest in exploring how the normative binary construction of gender and sexual orientation place LGBTQ individuals in relationship with nature and how that relationship informs their enviornmental behaviors. 

Kirk recently contributed an insight essay to The European Journal of Ecopsychology examining the ways in which certain forms of sexuality are deemed “natural” and how nature itself welcomes a reconsideration of those categories.

Learn more about Lewis & Clark’s Ecopsychology in Counseling Certificate program

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