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Classroom Management

Date: 5:00pm - 8:00pm PST December 11, 2012 Location: Room 220

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Room 220

This workshop will feature long-established as well as cutting-edge approaches that have been proven effective in managing diverse and increasingly large classrooms. The focus will be on developing techniques and classroom relationships that co-create safe and productive learning communities so that students and teachers can perform at the highest levels. 

Instructors: Eric Toshalis, Ed.D., Vern Jones, Ph.D.

About the Instructors

Over the past two decades, Eric Toshalis has served public education in a variety of roles including middle and high school teacher, coach, mentor teacher, teacher educator, union president, community activist, curriculum writer, researcher, author, and consultant. Recognized as Teacher of the Year by his school district in Santa Barbara County in 1997 and awarded the Certificate of Distinction in Teaching by Harvard College in 2002, Eric has long focused on what it takes to educate adolescents and adults who bring a diversity of cultural, ethnic, gender, linguistic, racial, sexual, and socioeconomic insights.

Vern Jones, B.A. ‘68, Ph.D. has been a junior high school teacher of students with emotional and behavior problems, a junior high school vice principal, and a district resource coordinator for students with emotional and behavior disorders. He is currently Chair of the Teacher Education Department. From 1986 to 1989, Vern was co-chair of the American Educational Research Association’s special interest group on classroom management. He has served as a scholar in residence in the department of education at Western Michigan State University, visited California State University at Riverside as a Distinguished Scholar, given the centennial address for the University of Idaho School of Education, and served as a distinguished lecture series presenter at Hastings College in Nebraska. In 1990, he won the Burlington Northern Award as Graduate School Teacher of the Year at Lewis & Clark College. He has given keynote addresses at state conferences in over ten states and consulted with school districts and staff in over 25 states

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