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(NWI) Daily Writing in the Spirit of William Stafford

Date: July 23, 2012 - July 24, 2012 Location: Columbia Center for the Arts, 215 Cascade Ave, Hood River, OR

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Columbia Center for the Arts, 215 Cascade Ave, Hood River, OR

You don’t eat just once every few days. You don’t speak just every week or so. Learning is continuous, and hunger is closer to breathing than to an annual rite. So why not write daily?

In this workshop, we will feed on examples from the daily writing of William Stafford, and practice in the spirit of his work. The emphasis will be on the process of creation: creating texts the length of poems but for use in multiple genres.

The goal will be to know what it feels like—in the body and in acts of sustaining witness—to practice the continuous writing life you have imagined.

Past participants are saying…

“I’m still stunned by the talent and honesty of the group’s writing. I found something mesmerizing in every person’s words. To me, that was most powerful and beneficial. I love hearing language sculpted.”

“I valued our stories with richness, detail, strangeness, quirkiness, oddity and veiled depth of affection.”

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Course Details

Dates: Monday-Tuesday, July 23-24, 2012

Time:  9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Instructor: Kim Stafford, Ph.D.

Continuing education credit: CELA 830, CEED 811, 1 semester hour, $350

Noncredit/CEU: 15 hours, $250

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About the Instructor

Kim Stafford, Ph.D. founded the Northwest Writing Institute at Lewis & Clark College, and has published a dozen books of poetry and prose, most recently The Muses Among Us. He approaches writing as a chance to set down stories we have carried into poems, essays, radio commentaries, blessings, rants, parables, and other forms of  “tikkun olam,” the healing of the world. “In our time is a great thing not yet done. It is the marriage of Woody Guthrie’s gusto and the Internet. It the composing and wide sharing of generous expression in the voices of many for the needs of all.”

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