Counseling & Therapy Services

The Lewis & Clark Community Counseling Center provides in-office and telehealth therapy services. We offer limited services in Spanish.

Services Offered

Community Counseling Center services

The center provides comprehensive individual, couples/relationship, and family counseling services to members of the community. Under the guidance of faculty and clinical supervisors, the therapist-trainees establish effective helping relationships and services to facilitate change. Services include brief and long-term approaches. 

Concerns We Address

Services are designed to help clients challenged by a wide-range of circumstances and contexts including:




-gender identity


-relationship issues

-co-parenting issues



-social injustice

-grief and loss

-career issues

-eating concerns

-identity exploration

-unanticipated life events

-sex and intimacy

-substance use concerns

-hate incident

Culturally Informed Care

We offer services that are sensitive and responsive toward client’s physical ability, culture, race/ethnicity, social and political processes, socioeconomic status, exile/migration status, religious and spiritual beliefs, language, education, gender, sexual orientation and age. 

Trauma Informed Care

Our counselors and family therapists conduct services in a trauma-informed manner. Providers are sensitive and responsive to issues related to trauma including: safety, transparency and trustworthiness, collaboration and support, empowerment of choice, and historical and intergenerational trauma. 


Specialized Clinic

Problem Gambling Services: We can provide referrals for individuals, couples, and families to Lewis & Clark Problem Gambling Services, housed within the Community Counseling Clinic. Services tailor treatment to your unique situation and respect your pace for change, with opportunities to learn about problem gambling and strategies to combat it, begin addressing financial problems, and when ready, share experiences with others in similar situations. Long-term, ongoing support is available, as well as intensive shorter term treatment. For more information, visit our Problem Gambling Services website.