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Engaging in services is a simple process outline below:

  1. We will talk you through a brief screening to determine if you are appropriate for our counseling/therapy services and the services that will best serve your needs. The screening process is free of charge and will take approximately 15-30 minutes. At that time, we will determine future payments for services.
  2. After conducting a brief screening, we will schedule you for an intake session based on your needs. The intake may be an individual, couples, and/or family session. For family therapy, we encourage as many members of the family as possible to attend the intake session. The therapist will ask questions and assess areas of need and begin establishing appropriate goals. The therapist will also provide information about our treatment services.
  3. Following the intake, the therapist will provide an appropriate recommendation for treatment which may include: individual counseling, group counseling, family therapy, couples therapy and/or referrals to other treatment providers who may better serve your needs.

Problem Gambling Services

Lewis & Clark Problem Gambling Services aim to relieve the suffering associated with problem gambling by providing high quality treatment to individuals, couples, and families.

Gaming and Tech in Excess

Lewis & Clark’s Gaming and Tech in Excess (GATE) Program is a community-based counseling clinic that provides gamer-affirmative individual and family counseling services to youth and adults who struggle with excessive gaming and technology use.

Community Counseling Center

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