January 29, 2024

Employee Comings and Goings

Several people have joined our community recently, some continuing employees have taken on new roles and responsibilities at Lewis & Clark, and a few said a fond farewell.

New employees:

Keith Cunningham-Parmeter, professor of law, law school; Molly Dugan, communications specialist, Law Admissions; Kyle Johnson, director of public interest law; Law Career Services; Shane Kaser, director of facilities support services, Facilities Services; Josh Moyes, officer, Campus Safety; and Sam Singh, problem gambling coordinator, Counseling, Therapy, and School Psychology.

Employees in new roles:

Brian Gardner, Maintenance Engineer II, Facilities Services; Adam Mortensen, general maintenance technician and assistant locksmith, Facilities Services; and Devra Sigle-Hermosilla, assistant dean, Law Career Services.

Departing employees:

Nicky Blumm, director of employee relations and recruitment, Law Career Services; Susan Davis, senior lecturer and program head of dance, Theatre; Ryan Gardner, capital projects coordinator, Facilities Services; Caroline Lobdell, employment advisor/lecturer, law school; Jessica Peterson, assistant director, Law Career Services; Llew Richards, business relationship manager, Information Technology; Kerry Rowand, executive administrative assistant, Law School Dean;  James Saul, associate clinical professor, law school; and Claire Slater, placement coordinator, Counseling, Therapy, and School Psychology.

This list of employees is provided by the Office of Human Resources, and published quarterly in The Source. Please direct inquiries to hr@lclark.edu.