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SALDF Hosts Called to Rescue Screening and Q&A with Gene Baur, Naomi Call, and Shauna Sherick

November 02, 2017

On Thursday, November 2nd, SALDF had the honor of screening Called to Rescue and holding a Q&A featuring the film’s director, Naomi Call, Shauna Sherick, founder of Wildwood Sanctuary (which is featured in the film), and Gene Baur, world-renowned animal rights activist and founder of Farm Sanctuary, America’s first animal sanctuary.

SALDF’s Public Relations Chair, Brittany Hill, began the event by introducing the film and panel. Brittany and Naomi corresponded over many months to coordinate this event and Brittany expressed SALDF’s gratitude to Naomi for her help and patience in the planning process.

Called to Rescue showcases fifteen farm animal sanctuaries from all over the country and introduces us to their founders and lovely residents. The story Called to Rescue aims to tell is simple: all animals deserve freedom. In addition to introducing its viewers to the truly special residents of each sanctuary, the film interviews those who work and volunteer at the sanctuaries and conveys how much their lives have changed by saving animals.  A new version of the film premiered in Los Angeles and focuses on the severe environmental impacts of animal agriculture and offers a very easy solution to fix this problem: reduce meat consumption.

After the screening, attendees were treated to a unique opportunity to ask Naomi, Shauna, and Gene questions. Most of the questions focuses on ways to encourage people to reduce their meat consumption.  “The reason why animals suffer is because people are eating meat and supporting this industry with our dollars. When we start supporting different kinds of businesses, the market will shift, the economy will shift, and the government will shift”, said Gene Baur.

We are so thankful to Naomi for sharing her heartfelt, thought-provoking film and to Gene and Shauna for joining the Q&A.

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