MMR Documentation

In order to comply with Oregon law regarding a second dose Rubeola (hard measles) vaccination for college students, Lewis & Clark has developed the policy below.

Please read and submit the required MMR form.

Lewis & Clark Policy:

All students born on or after January 1, 1957 must provide the school with evidence of having received two doses of LIVE measles vaccine on or after their first birthday with a minimum of thirty days between doses.

NOTE: If month and year of the first dose are not available, documentation of the second dose in or after December 1989 must be provided.

Students may be exempted from immunization if ONE of the following applies:

  • They provide documentation of adequate measles titer test.
  • They provide documentation of having had the disease.
  • They have a medical condition preventing the use of the vaccine.
  • They were born before January 1, 1957.
  • Religious beliefs prohibit immunization.

    NOTE: Students who choose a non-medical exemption must provide a Vaccine Education Certificate. Information about the Oregon law can be found on the Student Health website

If you meet one of the exemptions listed above, you must still complete and submit the MMR Form.

Lewis & Clark uses the following procedure to assure compliance:

All entering students will be required to present documentation of immunization or legitimate exemption to the graduate school prior to starting their classes. The documentation must be signed by the student (or physician only, if the student meets one of the first three exemptions).

NOTE: Students who have not complied with the MMR vaccination requirement and do not meet exemption criteria will experience registration holds or cancellations.

 Having trouble getting your immunization dates?

  • Your undergraduate college/university may have a record of your vaccinations on file. You can also check your high school to see if they have a record of your vaccination history.
  • Or, you can schedule a titer test with a clinic or local physician and have the official results of the test sent to the graduate school with the physician’s signature on it.

Are you a current Lewis & Clark student or alumni?

Lewis & Clark’s Student Health Services office keeps MMR forms for seven years. If you are a current CAS or Law student or alumni, contact Student Health Services and request a copy of your previously submitted MMR form. You may use the information to complete the graduate school’s MMR form. Please submit the completed graduate school form to the graduate admissions office.

Graduate students MUST complete and submit the MMR form to the Health & Wellness office