Representatives 2023-24

2023-24 GSUN Rep. Sean Douglas Sean Douglas

Counseling, Therapy, & School Psychology, Marriage, Couple, & Family Therapy program

The name’s Sean (any pronouns), and I am a first-year MCFT student. Although I am still trying to figure out the ropes, I’m excited by the journey ahead of me as I work to become the therapist I’ve been eager to become. I’ve lived my entire life here in Oregon but recently moved to the Portland Metro area with my incredible cats, Mordecai and Monica Lewmeowski. When I’m not working or studying, I spend most of my free time cooking, baking, or turning off entirely to play whatever game I’ve been hyperfixating on. Lately, I’ve been having a blast exploring the beautiful area I am starting to call home; the surrounding nature that frames PDX invigorates me when I need a boost. As a SUN rep, my primary goal will be to help build a sense of community for my fellow GSEC students. My focus on various social inequalities throughout my undergraduate career at Oregon State University, as well as the beautiful lessons from Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass, have shown me that the world was never intended to be seen through a purely individualistic lens, so I want to work to rebuild that connection to ourselves, each other, and the space that we occupy. With the guidance of my cohort, the wonderful professors in the MCFT program, and the mentors I have yet to meet, I hope to be an effective bridge for the students I am representing. If we cross paths, never be afraid to say hi!

2023-24 GSUN rep. Janmine Liebert Jasmine Libert

Counseling, Therapy, & School Psychology, School Psychology program

My name is Jasmine (she/her) and I am currently a student in the School Psychology program. I am a second-generation Filipino American and a fourth-generation Slovenian/German American. Although I was raised in a community where I was afforded the privileges of the dominant identity, including access to education, resources, and opportunities, I was simultaneously impacted by covert racism based on the physical features of my Filipino genetics. As a graduate student and developing professional, I strive to balance my unique position of privilege and impact to question systematic oppression and empower others impacted to demand justice so they may have access to the same resources and opportunities I was afforded.

My interests in school psychology include researching educational practices that challenge oppressive norms and collaborating with fellow educators on shared goals that benefit students and teachers. I am a passionate advocate for trauma survivors, people with disabilities, and non-dominant identities. Outside of school, my hobbies include playing music, exploring nature, and listening to social justice podcasts. I also volunteer bi-weekly with a local grassroots organization that provides mutual aid to houseless communities in Portland. As a SUN representative this year, I hope to bring attention to themes of transparency and accountability in higher education as well as support collaborative practices that will create opportunities for interdisciplinary networking and knowledge sharing.

2023-24 GSUN rep. Amo Reyes Amo Reyes

Teaching, School Counseling, & Leadership Studies, School Counseling program

Amoxtli Reyes is an indigenous, Two Spirit, Mexican-American, educator and multimedia artist from the Mojave Desert, specifically, the multicultural east side of Las Vegas, Nevada. They’ve chosen Portland, Oregon, as their home the last twenty years where they have taught life painting at Portland Community College (PCC) and 2-D Design at Portland State University (PSU); served the LGBT, BIPOC, houseless community as a Career Coach at New Avenues for Youth; and advised classified staff and students of color in the David Douglas School District, working towards earning their education licenses.

As a bilingual, brown child of parents from Mexico, Amoxtli is incredibly passionate about serving underrepresented and vulnerable communities, especially families of color who primarily speak languages other than English, with an emphasis on LGBT and trans youth of color. They were President of Student Organization of Latinos and Vice President of Future Educators at Las Vegas High School, and Director of Time for the student organization Time Arts Club at PSU.

Amoxtli earned an MFA in Contemporary Art Practices from PSU and is currently working towards their MEd in School Counseling at Lewis & Clark College. Summer 2023 they debuted their first full-length multimedia performance (on grief) at Portland Center Stage, as the indigenous multimedia art duo, ATOLE. In their spare time, Amoxtli love composing emotionally-driven electronic music, watching pre-digital sci-fi and horror cinema, and gardening berries, tomatoes, cucumbers as well as helping friends and family learn to create and sustain their first gardens.

2023-24 GSUN rep. Mandi Wallace Mandi Wallace

Counseling, Therapy, & School Psychology, Professional Mental Health Counseling - Specialization in Addictions program

My name is Mandi Wallace, and I am entering my final year in the Professional Mental Health Counseling program with a specialization in Addictions. I am currently in practicum at the Lewis and Clark Community Counseling Center and preparing for my internship with the NW Anxiety Institute in Portland. Prior to my graduate academic journey, I worked in the field of mental health and social services in a handful of residential environments with populations managing or recovering from serious and persistent mental illnesses. My representation in this role is rooted in my educational experience over the last two years and is in regard for the people in my program whom I respect and love, as well as my dedication to improving the Lewis & Clark Graduate School community. My commitment lies in enhancing student involvement in decision making, increasing availability of financial assistance, and providing resources. My objective in this role is to bridge the gap between students and administration, fostering open communication channels to address concerns and create positive change. I would like to establish regular open forums online or in-person that invite students to share their ideas, concerns, and experiences. All feedback will inform my advocacy for improvements in academic resources and support services, ensuring that Lewis & Clark Graduate School does the work to remain an inclusive institution that champions social justice values.