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Student Travel Fund for Conferences and Research

(1)  Purpose

Professional conferences provide great opportunities for graduate students to disseminate their work, learn new things, and network with peers, scholars in the field, and potential employers. The Graduate School of Education and Counseling is pleased to support these efforts with a dedicated fund to support travel to professional conferences.

(2)  Requirements

  • Students applying for funding must have a role on the conference program. The fund is intended primarily to support students presenting their research as an individual speaker, member of a panel, or poster session. Awards will prioritize these kinds of participation. Funding will also be available for students who deliver workshops or provide professional development experiences for others at professional conferences.
  • Funding may be used to cover conference registration, travel (including airfare and mileage reimbursement), and lodging.
  • Funding is limited to students enrolled in degree programs.
  • The maximum award for any individual graduate student is $500. A graduate student may receive a maximum of one award in any given academic year.
  • Travel expenses can be paid directly by the graduate school or by the student.
    • The graduate school can pay for registration fees and airfare in advance of the conference.
    • Students may request a travel advance to pay for incidental expenses.
    • Students can pay for travel expenses and request reimbursement.  All requests for reimbursement must include receipts for expenses and must be submitted within 60 days of the expenditure.

(3)  Application process

  • Submit application form
  • You may submit the application form at any time during the academic year, and you may submit your proposal before you have been formally accepted to present at the conference. Understanding that conference schedules differ, including notifications of acceptance, the review committee will make every effort to spread the availability of funds over the full year. However, it is still possible (indeed, likely) that funds will be exhausted at some point and no further applications can be considered.
  • The application should be submitted to: