Project Dialogue

Human conversation is the most ancient and easiest way to cultivate the conditions for change.  If we can sit together and talk about what’s important to us, we begin to come alive. We share what we see, what we feel, and we listen to what others see and feel.

- Margaret J. Wheatley

Project Dialogue connects the mission of our Graduate School to local grassroots social movements by helping to design and accompany conversations in which people can reflect more deeply on how we live together.

We work with community-based organizations, nonprofits, local government, faith communities, neighborhood associations, and more, whose efforts foster community resilience, social justice, and ecological sustainability.

We offer to mobilize our resources to consult with community groups and nonprofit organizations to support dialogue work related to visioning, planning, and organizational development.

In order to address the longstanding and emergent needs of our communities, Project Dialogue seeks to engage in the following:

  • Support a regional network of practitioners available to facilitate community dialogues in spaces where understanding, collaboration, and consensus are sorely needed.
  • Share what has been learned in these dialogues with our communities through a variety of media.
  • Consult with organizations on the design of dialogue practices for conferences, planning meetings and community conversations.
  • Build the capacity of local community leaders through networking, training and support.

Currently Project Dialogue hosts ongoing study groups and Community of Practice reflection groups that provide opportunities for organizers and activists to link direct experience in dialogue spaces to social and cultural theory.

Get involved!
We invite you to contact us with any questions or ideas for how we might accompany or help open dialogue spaces in your community or organization. Contact Tod Sloan at or call 503-768-6066.

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