Leading Together

Leading Together is a research-based program rooted in the belief that students flourish best in an environment where all educators feel supported, working together in a culture of mutual respect and courageous dialogue. We offer customized Leading Together programs for schools and other organizational communities seeking to strengthen relational trust, collaboration, and empowerment.

Research indicates that a key variable in raising student achievement is the degree of relational trust established among the adults in the school. Effective schools are those where both students and educators feel known, valued, and respected. 

Unfortunately, many schools lack these essential social resources, leaving experienced educators feeling deeply discouraged, disrespected and disconnected from their students.

The same can be said of other organizations, including higher education, nonprofits and businesses. Building relational trust among colleagues in any setting can increase positive outcomes.

The Leading Together curriculum approaches building relational trust through social emotional learning techniques and mindful listening to prepare program participants to collaboratively lead their communities into greater relational trust for the benefit of all within and served by their organization.



“Leading Together has all the critical features needed to become a model for school change: effective school leadership, positive adult relationships in schools, and relational trust” 

- Dr. Sara Rimm-Kaufman, Univ. of Virginia, Final Report 



The four main components addressed within the Leading Together program are:
  • Creating Trustworthy Spaces
  • Honest & Open Communication
  • Empowering & Engaging Others
  • Building Deep Seated Accountability

Created by the Center for Courage and Renewal, and drawing on the Circle of Trust® Approach principles and practices first articulated by Parker J. Palmer, in his groundbreaking book, The Courage to Teach, Leading Together does not impose change from without. Leading Together inspires change from within the heart of the school or organizational community.

Leading Together helps to build trustworthy community by:
  • Cultivating self-awareness
  • Building connections and community
  • Fostering shared leadership
  • Strengthening capacity to listen, pay attention, and be present in teaching, leading and relationships
  • Holding tension and dealing with conflict constructively
  • Reconnecting with what originally inspired us to enter our profession 



What Can a Leading Together Program Look Like?

The Leading Together program ideally involves two full days of experiential training and follow up coaching for a leadership team to advise on implementing the program in their community.

The schedule and program structure is customizable to meet the needs of participants, and is adaptable to the objectives identified by the team requesting the program. 

We can hold the training on the Lewis & Clark campus, or at your location.

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