Courage to Teach

Teachers face monumental challenges and dwindling support.  It is our hope within the Courage to Teach® retreats to create a sustaining community for the new teachers and the veteran educators who journey beside them in our schools. 

What is Courage to Teach?

Courage to Teach focuses neither on teacher techniques nor on school reform; instead, we focus on renewing something much more personal: the inner life of the teacher.

Participants explore the “heart of the teacher” through sharing stories from their own journeys, reflecting on their classroom practice and drawing upon the insights of poets, storytellers and diverse cultural traditions.

The Courage to Teach program invites teachers to speak honestly about their lives as educators, and to listen and respond to each other with encouragement and compassion. We explicitly seek both novice and experienced teachers, those of whom society demands much but rewards little in terms of encouragement and support.

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Past participants are saying…

“Courage to Teach has helped me to be mindful of my teaching. It is too easy to get caught up in the hubbub of schools…and not take the time or care that is needed to do the job. (Now) I’m taking time to see the child as a whole person.”

“Courage to Teach brings to education a process of reflection that acknowledges the human spirit as an essential and legitimate part of the essence of learning.”

“I am reaping a community of personal and professional voices….(and) the courage to speak my heart to my students and hope that they will begin to see themselves as a community of learners, as human beings…I am recognizing my own set of values, and they are now ever-present – not latent, tucked away behind curriculum and other non-flexible demands.”

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The Heart of a Teacher - Identity and Integrity in Teaching by Parker J. Palmer

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