Courage to Lead

At the heart of authentic leadership is the courage to be fully human, to take risks, to care deeply and to take action even in the midst of change and uncertainty. Courage to Lead® is rooted in the belief that effective leadership flows from the identity and integrity of the person. Courage retreats and programs are designed to help leaders move beyond the “what” and “how” questions of leadership, to the “who” questions. 

What is Courage to Lead?

Courage to Lead invites leaders to reflect deeply and speak honestly, and to listen and respond to each other with encouragement and compassion. It does not focus on leadership techniques, but on renewing and learning from the inner life of the leader. In an engaging and supportive retreat experience, participants explore the heart of their profession and their vocational passion through sharing stories from their own journeys, reflecting on their practice, and drawing upon the insights of poets, storytellers, and diverse cultural traditions.

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Who Should Attend?

Courage to Lead is open to those in leadership from diverse fields. Past participants have included school principals, superintendents, higher education administrators, clergy, managers, coaches and leaders from the nonprofit and corporate sectors. Leadership can also be reflected in other ways that we show up in the world through our professional, family, or community life.

Participants in Courage to Lead often mention that the support received from the retreat community and the unique approach to asking questions and seeking answers from within, enables them to bring a new level of insight and energy to their work.

A Note to Educational Leaders

Society demands much of educators but rewards little in terms of encouragement and support. Courage to Lead is designed to help school and district administrators sustain and renew their passion, enthusiasm and commitment to their leadership and the communities they serve. We offer yearly retreat sessions and individualized programs for district teams. Administrator licensing credits, PDUs and Washington Clock Hours are available.

Courage to Lead brought our administrative team together during tough times. We learned more about ourselves and why we do the hard work that we do with passion and excellence. Courage to Lead taught us how to connect who we are with the work that we do. It was about discovering our identity, showcasing our integrity and participating in deep self reflection. These powerful components of solid leadership helped us design a shared vision for the future of our school district.

 Karen Gray
Superintendent, Lincoln County School District

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Leading from Within by Parker J. Palmer

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