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Note: The content below applies only to students who are graduating during or before Summer 2015.  Those students should send email to with any questions about completing this requirement. 

With its interdisciplinary design, the Core program provides an intellectual bridge between individual academic programs, addressing the Graduate School’s “core” values of creativity, commitment, and compassion through cross-disciplinary collaboration. It also provides an opportunity for students to interact with experienced professionals and community members.

About the Core Program Requirement 

The Core Program does not involve completing graduate courses for credit. The Core Program requires that you complete three Core Units. One of these Core Units will be fulfilled by attendance at the Graduate School’s annual Convocation near the beginning of your degree program. There will be no tuition charge to you for any of the Core Experiences in the new program. There may be charges if special materials are required (in these cases there will be a materials fee and you will know this in advance of registration), or if the Core Experience is offered through an outside organization (e.g., a conference, tour, performance, or other event) for which there is a registration fee.

Core is required for all students enrolled the following programs:

  • Any M.A.T. program
  • M.Ed. in Educational Studies
  • M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction*
  • M.Ed. in Special Education*
  • M.Ed. with Initial Administrator License*
  • M.Ed. in School Counseling
  • Ed.S. in School Psychology
  • M.A. in Professional Mental Health Counseling
  • M.A. in Professional Mental Health Counseling—Addictions
  • M.A. in Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy
  • M.A. in Student Affairs Administration

*Students in these programs are not required to complete Convocation.

You will have a wide variety of options for completing the remaining two Core Units in the program and these options will vary from semester to semester. Each Core experience may be worth full or partial Core Units (i.e., 1.0 or .5). A list of Core Experience options is listed on Web Advisor under “Core” and will be announced in the weekly email called “This Week at the Graduate School.” You will register (using WebAdvisor) for Core Experiences on a space-available basis at whatever time in your program of study makes sense for you. By the time you wish to graduate, you will need to have completed all three Core Units: Convocation, plus two other Core Units. Each Core Experience will be noted on your transcript and you will be able to track your progress through WebAdvisor, just as you can track your regular course work and other degree requirements.

Please consult with your program advisor for guidance and additional information as you consider your options in the new Core Program. You may also contact the director of the Core Program, Professor Tod Sloan, at

New Core Program Mission

(1)  The Core Program is rooted in the Graduate School’s commitment to equity and social justice in all the professional fields served by our students, faculty, and graduates.

(2)  Core offerings will engage current issues in the field through an interdisciplinary lens that brings professionals together across specific areas of preparation.

(3)  Participation in the Core Program will help build the capacity for resilience and renewal in the profession.


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