TransActive Gender Project Virtual Summit

From Policy to Practice: Building Your PK-12 Gender Diversity Toolkit

April 12-14, 2021

As visibility of gender diverse, nonbinary, and transgender students and staff increases in communities and school districts throughout Oregon, the urgent need to collaborate on establishing affirming, inclusive and equitable PK-12 school environments is becoming more obvious every day. 

From Policy to Practice is a three-day online professional development summit that will provide educators in smaller communities and rural areas with evidence-based information to better meet the needs of PK-12 gender diverse and transgender students, colleagues, family and friends. You will also hear about the practical and comprehensive toolkit TransActive is developing that will provide Oregon schools with the resources needed to help overcome barriers encountered when implementing inclusive policies.

Please note: this event is for educators outside of the Portland Metro area.


Participation is free of charge. After submitting your registration request you will receive a confirmation email with a supplemental survey to help us better tailor the summit to your needs. Completion of this survey is required to secure your spot in the summit. Space is limited, and early registration is encouraged.

Online registration for the summit will close at 11:59 p.m. PST on Wednesday, April 7th

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Summit Agenda at a Glance / April 12-14

Day 1: 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.  |   Day 2: 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m.   |   Day 3: 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m. 

Gender Diverse Identity & Expression in PK-12 Settings (Day 1)
Jenn Burleton, Program Director, Transactive Gender Project
This workshop will establish a common understanding of how gender identity develops and is expressed across a spectrum of variations throughout PK-12 settings. It will focus on identifying existing societal and
cognitive biases that negatively impact affirmation and equity for TGNC students and staff, as well as discussion of anti-TGNC propaganda and misinformation campaigns.

Educator Allyship and Action: All Together Now! (Day 1)
Danielle Torres, PhD, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership, Lewis & Clark Graduate School
There are many opportunities for everyone to participate in creating TGNC inclusive school communities. What makes a good ally in this work? What are some ideas and approaches to best support TGNC youth, colleagues, and families? Learn about considerations and suggestions for educators’ daily practice, and tools to guide your work in developing understanding and inclusivity in your school.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Supporting Transgender and Nonbinary Educators (Day 2)
Rafe McCullough, PhD, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership, Lewis & Clark Graduate School,
Aléx Bassi, MS, Ed, School Counselor, Jackson Middle School, and Siche Green-Mitchell, LSC, School Counselor, New Urban High School / Oak Grove Center, Daniela Peña Avila, School Counselor
It is critical that our trans and nonbinary youth see themselves reflected in adults who support them. Though we have made some progress by rolling out trans-affirming policies in Oregon and in other states,
the day-to-day reality of the lived experiences of trans and nonbinary educators in schools still warrants our immediate focus. Join us for a conversation as we strategize to better support our trans and nonbinary

In Their Own Words: Roundtable and Q&A Session with Gender Diverse Youth (Day 2)
A panel of gender diverse youth and their parents/caregivers will respond to questions from Jenn Burleton, TransActive program director, and summit attendees. This will focus on youth and family experiences and challenges in working with schools and within communities in which those schools exist.

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Supporting LGBTQ2SIA+ Youth in Rural Schools (Day 3)
Danni/y Rosen, Trainer, Co-Chair, Oregon School Based Health Alliance Board
Youth in urban or suburban communities may find multiple ways to connect and support each other, those youth in more rural areas may have various challenges that reduce the opportunities to connect with peers and find support. This session will identify some of these barriers and explore what some communities have done to overcome these challenges. The objective is to come away with ideas to increase support for the youth in our rural communities.

Supporting Civil Rights for Trans Students: Q&A with the Oregon Department of Education (Day 3)
Karin Moscon, Education Equity - Civil Rights Specialist, Oregon Department of Education
Katherine Hildebrandt, Title IX Coordinator, Oregon Department of Education
This session will engage attendees in discussion about Oregon Department of Education policies and guidance on creating inclusive, affirming and equitable education opportunities for TGNC students and staff, within the framework of Oregon’s nondiscrimination laws. It will also detail potential actions for non-compliance with policy.

Toolkit Team Share: Identify & Explain Ongoing Engagement & Visioning (Day 3)
Organizers share what they have learned and ways they will continue to engage with participants beyond the summit. 

About the Presenters

Jenn Burleton, Program Director, TransActive Gender Project,
Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education & Counseling
Jenn Burleton is considered an authority and nationally recognized leader on issues relating to transgender and gender diverse children and youth. Prior to her position as Program Director of the TransActive Gender Project at Lewis & Clark College, Jenn was a founder of TransActive Gender Center, where she served as executive director for 12 years. In the past she has served in one capacity or another with the following organizations: Oregon Health & Science University (Transgender Health Program Advisor), Multnomah County Dept. of Human Services (LGBTQ Child Welfare Workgroup), Oregon Safe Schools & Communities Coalition (OSSCC), Basic Rights Oregon Transgender Rights Working Group. Jenn Burleton has guided development of teaching tools that have defined and expanded understanding of how gender identity develops, is experienced and expressed.

Aléx Bassi, MS, Ed, (they/them) is a non-binary School Counselor working at a Middle School in Portland, Oregon. Before pursuing the field of school counseling, they worked as a Behavioral Interventionist in after school programs, as well as a Behavior Interventionist for children with autism. Aléx is a first generation, bi-lingual/bi-cultural, and proudly self-proclaimed nerd. Aléx strives to be an advocate for Queer youth, youth of color, and all LGBTQIA2S+ folxs.

Siche Green-Mitchell, LSC is a trans school counselor in Portland Oregon working for youth who are impacted by trauma, and put up for expulsion. He teaches part-time at Lewis & Clark College at the Graduate School of Education and Counseling. As a community advocate for 18 years, Siche worked with queer identified youth, homeless youth and families, and adjudicated youth. While completing a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Oregon in Women’s and Gender studies, Siche competed as an All-American athlete, organized to end sexual violence and increase access to education for students of color and the LGBTQ+ community. His initial work in advocacy inspired him to broaden his scope of influence and pursue systemic change through education. Siche obtained a Master’s degree in school counseling as a Point Foundation national scholar, and continues to mentor trans and nonbinary community college students across the nation. As a dedicated community leader, Siche connects K-12 schools with local organizations to amplify youth voices and create structures for revolutionary change.

Katherine Hildebrandt, Title IX Coordinator, Oregon Department of Education
Kate Hildebrandt (she/her) is the Civil Rights and Title IX Specialist at the Oregon Department of Education, where she assists schools and districts in understanding and implementing state and federal civil rights laws related to discrimination based on sex, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, and marital status. Prior to joining ODE, Kate spent the past 8 years supporting universities in Texas, Ohio, and Oregon in their efforts to implement Title IX, including through investigations and response, policy development, and violence prevention programming. Prior to that, she worked for a community-based organization teaching violence prevention and sex ed programming to middle and high school students. Kate is a former Peace Corps volunteer (Namibia) and holds an MA in Higher Education and Student Affairs from The Ohio State University, where she conducted research on violence prevention and consent education programs.

Rafe McCullough, PhD, LPC, NCC, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership,
Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education & Counseling

Having worked with numerous transgender, nonbinary clients and students, Dr. McCullough has a background in both school counseling, and in clinical mental health counseling. His scholarship and interests center on multicultural and social justice counseling and advocacy, addressing identity in counseling, disability, and LGBTQ concerns, and particularly with transgender individuals. He provides consultation and training to school districts, providers, and agencies to assist in the creation of more trans/NB affirming spaces and practices. He has been involved in advocacy efforts in transgender communities for over 20 years. Dr. McCullough is one of the authors of the Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competencies and has been active in serving the American Counseling Association (ACA) and its divisions, including the Strategic Planning Committee for The Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Counseling (2016, 2020) and the ACA Cultural Encounters Taskforce (2018). He is currently working on the ACA Transgender and Nonbinary Counseling Competencies Revision Committee.

Karin Moscon, Education Equity Civil Rights Specialist, Oregon Department of Education
As a Civil Rights Specialist at the Oregon Department of Education, Karin Moscon works to ensure equal access to a high-quality education for all of Oregon’s students. In this capacity she serves as the Methods of Administration and Title IX Coordinators. Moscon works with 204 school districts and 17 community colleges to provide training and technical assistance, conducts site visits to monitor compliance with federal and state civil rights laws, and investigates complaints of discrimination as part of the Oregon Department of Education’s appeal process. She has worked in education for more than 25 years as a teacher, building and district office administrator, regional and state agency administrator, consultant, and faculty at Idaho State, Boise State, and Oregon State Universities.

Daniela Peña Avila,My name is Dani and I am an Indigenous, two-spirit, transwoman working as an elementary school counselor in the Pacific Northwest. I am currently working full time in a K-12 dual language program. Our narratives and stories are so sacred, so thank you for taking the time to join us. While I have not disclosed fully my identity to the many communities I am a part of, I feel inclined to share part of my journey with everyone here, on the sacred lands of the Confederate Tribes of Grand Ronde and the Coast Salish people all across the Pacific Northwest. I have been a school counselor for 6 years. Throughout those six years, I have focused my attention on supporting all students, but intentionally identifying students who need a bit more love, a bit more recognition, and a bit more validation. In addition, I spend my time advocating and creating social and connection groups for students to talk about identity (internal and external), racism, self-love and self-acceptance, and many more conversations. We often think that elementary students are too young to talk about certain topics, but little do we know that elementary years are the foundation of their development.

Danni/y Rosen Trainer, Co-Chair, Oregon School Based Health Alliance Board
Danni/y (she/her : he/him) has presented workshops and participated on LGBTQ+ panels for over three decades. She joined the Northwest Gender Alliance in the middle of the 80’s. Danni/y has been a GLSEN Oregon board member since 2009 and Chair/Co-Chair since 2014. She is a certified GLSEN professional development workshop facilitator and a Training of Trainers facilitator. He served as a Basic Rights Oregon Board member from 2015 to 2020 and currently is the Co-Chair for the Oregon School Based Health Alliance board. Danni/y has provided professional development workshops across Oregon and SW Washington to educators, administrators, and other related organizations. He has provided consulting on policies and facilities design. Danni/y has led or facilitated multiple types of support groups, PFLAG chapter support meetings, youth forums and seminars and participated on numerous professional panels. She is a past President of the Clackamas County PFLAG Chapter, and current Treasurer. Danni/y was recognized in 2014 by the Gay and Lesbian Archives of the Northwest as one of that year’s Queer Heroes. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Portland State University in Social Studies and an Associate degree from Portland Community College.

Danielle Torres, PhD, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership,
Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education & Counseling

Danielle is a faculty member of the School Counseling Program. Before joining Lewis & Clark, she taught at the school counseling program at Pacific University. She has experience as a counselor in schools at all grade levels and with various school-based programs, including work with teen parents and at-risk students. She completed internships at Columbia University and UC Santa Barbara and is active in several professional organizations. She has also conducted research in schools with a focus on academic resiliency and collaborative school relationships and continues to consult with local schools and districts.