Application, Cost & Credit Information

The Entheogen Assisted Psychotherapy and Integration Training Series focuses on understanding and working with entheogens in psychotherapy with an ecological perspective.

This training series currently focuses on preparation for and integration of entheogen work with psilocybin. After the State of Oregon releases its official guidelines for administration and conduction of psilocybin treatments, said guidelines will be incorporated into the training.

Practitioners who do not have degrees in a mental health field must take an additional course in ethics, focusing on the specific ethical issues relative to non-maleficence and beneficence in working with psilocybin. This class is a prerequisite and it’s cost is independent from the cost of the training series

Professional Development Credits: Mental health professionals completing the series will earn 30 CEUs, including 6 hours of ethics and 4 hours of cultural competence content.

Application Process

Prior to registering for this series, you will be required to will out a brief application. If applicable, you will also be required to submit two letters of recommendation and complete a criminal background check. Please see each category below for more information: