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Reading Intervention Endorsement: North Clackamas

Interested in receiving your Reading Intervention EndorsementA new cohort is forming now in North Clackamas! Courses will meet off-campus and are offered at a special cohort-based off-campus tuition rate. 

Endorsement Coursework 

The endorsement prepares teachers to work as a Reading Interventionist at the Pre-K through Grade 12 levels, or as a Literacy Coach. Within each course, students explore literacy, effective instruction, the culture of our classrooms, and ways to differentiate for a wide variety of learners. Our Reading Intervention Endorsement coursework applies a dynamic view of literacy to reading and writing instruction in schools, building upon the belief that language—in all its richness of form and function—is the foundation from which effective literacy evolves. Wondering how you can benefit from earning a Reading Intervention Endorsement, or what to expect while in the cohort? Learn more

Upcoming Course in Cohort Sequence

READ 614 Reading Comprehension: Theory and Practical Application (January 2020): This course provides in-depth exploration of current models and trends in reading comprehension and its cognitive and linguistic components. Students will read widely from professional journals, explore and reflect on their personal reading processes, and do theoretical and practical projects to further their understanding. Students will examine factors that contribute to reading difficulty (from early childhood through adulthood), as well as important issues and questions about standardized testing, observational diagnostics, readability formulas, and the effectiveness and theoretical validity of published programs.

Registration / Intent to Register

In order for us to determine the level of interest in forming a new cohort, please apply to the Reading Intervention Endorsement Program, or submit a brief essay describing your intent to join the program no later than Tuesday, November 5. Essays can be submitted to Erin Ocón at

Course Sequence

Course # Course Title Semester
READ 614 Reading Comprehension: Theory and Practical Application (3 SH) Spring 2020
READ 625 Assessing Reading Strategies (3 SH) Fall 2020
READ 634 / ESOL 607 Language Acquisition and Development (3 SH) Spring 2021
READ 620 Innovations in Reading (3 SH) Fall 2021
READ 622 Reading Intervention Practicum (2 SH) Spring 2022

Spring: January-April
Summer: May-August 
Fall: September-December


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