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Art Therapy

Why Choose Lewis & Clark?

Why Choose Lewis & Clark?

Social justice, equity, and access are the core values of the graduate school and deeply integrated throughout every aspect of the art therapy program. Our students choose Lewis & Clark’s art therapy program for those values, as well as the small cohort model, classes that are taught by experienced scholars and practitioners, and an unwavering desire to use art to make a difference.

  • Benazir Sardar, Art Therapy

    Art making has been a natural inclination since childhood, as has my love for people. Learning how to support others through the magic of creation is an honor!

    Benazir Sardar ’20

  • Tessa Turner, Art Therapy

    “I believe it is my duty to use my privilege within society to promote equality and power for those within marginalized communities.”

    Tessa Turner ’20

  • Nicholas Keen, Art Therapy '20

    “Pursuing art therapy never felt like a choice; it has always felt like more of a calling. Once I became privy to the option of pursuing a masters in this field, I knew it was what I should be doing.”

    Nicholas Keen ’20

Art Therapy

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