Program Faculty

Jillynn Garcia

Teaches: AT 545 Equity-Based Community Interventions in Art Therapy; AT 580 Art Therapy Practicum

Researches and specializes in: Eco-Art Therapy, LGBTQIA+, Children and Adolescents, Trauma

Erin Headley

Teaches: AT 580 Art Therapy Practicum

Researches and specializes in: OCD and related disorders, arts based advocacy and mental health literacy

Owen Karcher

Teaches: AT 542 Adult Development and Family Therapy

Researches and specializes in: Research interests: healing intergenerational and internalized oppression and dominance; supporting LGBTQ clients and therapists; liberatory methods for healing. Specializes in: LGBTQ clients; trauma; sex positivity and healing from sexual or intimate partner violence; supporting undocumented immigrants.

Shan Ru Lin

Teaches: AT 524 Cross-Cultural Counseling

Researches and specializes in: Trauma-informed care, working worth women, marginalized community, oppression and social justice, Expressive Therapies Continuum, ecoart therapy/ecopsychology

Marie Mellberg

Teaches: AT 550 Diversity & Social Equity; AT 526 Clinical Practice: Counseling Skills in Art Therapy Practice

Researches and specializes in: Chronic Illnesses/Disability; LGBTQ+, Culturally Specific (BIPOC)

Erin Patridge

Teaches: AT 594 Art Therapy Capstone, AT 535 Research Methods and Evaluation, AT 537 Art Therapy Research

Researches and specializes in: Older adults, technology, communication, art-based research, studio practice, nature/eco art

Quinn Rivenburgh

Teaches: AT 539 Art Therapy Professional Orientation and Ethics, AT 515 Group Dynamics, Processes, and Art Therapy, AT 580 Art Therapy Practicum

Specializes in: LGBTQ+ community competences with a special focus on the needs of transgender/gender diverse people including gender issues for children and youth.

Justin Rock

Teaches: AT 501: Theories of Counseling, AT513: Psychopathology, AT 522: Diagnostic Appraisal & Testing

Researches and specializes in: Existential-Humanistic Therapy, Bereavement and Grief, Ethical Non-Monogamy and Polyamory

Beth Ann Short

Teaches: AT 501 Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy, AT 583 Art Therapy Internship Studio. Supervisor for L&C Open Studio and ASC Open Studio (supporting 2 practicum students).

Researches and specializes in: My theoretical lens aligns with a postmodernist approach, drawing from intersectionality, social constructivism, feminism, queer theory, and antiracism.