Handbooks and Forms

Students in this program program should familiarize themselves with the program handbook and consult it whenever questions arise about departmental policies and procedures.

2023-2024 Art Therapy Program Handbook

2023-2024 Art Therapy Clinical Experience Manual

Students also will find the Graduate School of Education and Counseling Student Handbook to be a valuable resource regarding graduate school policies and resources for students. The graduate student handbook also contains general college policies.

General Forms

Artwork Informed Consent

Clinical Goals

Clinical Supervisor’s Observation of Student

Faculty Onsite Observation of Student

Practicum Supervisee Evaluation

Internship Supervisee Evaluation

Supervision Summary 

Program Planning and Sequence

Art Therapy Program Planning Sheet 2024-2025

Art Therapy Course Sequence 2024-2025

MS in Art Therapy Information

Art Therapy MS Program Planning Sheet 2024-2025

Art Therapy MS Course Sequence 2024-2025