Notarized Transcript/Diploma

Notarized official transcripts and/or notarized copies of diplomas are often required by other countries to verify the authenticity of a US degree. Some institutions or employers require only a notarized transcript or copy of the diploma, but the most common request is for an Apostille, which is issued by the State of Oregon – not Lewis & Clark College. We encourage you to carefully review what is required by your institution or employer.

The Graduate Registrar’s Office can provide you with notarized official transcripts and/or notarized copies of your diploma. If you attended the College of Arts & Sciences or Law School, please contact their respective registrar’s office directly. We can only provide notarization services to those who attended the Graduate School.

There is no charge to notarize documents. However, there is a fee to process transcript requests and replacement diploma requests. Please follow the links below for additional information.

You can either pick up your completed documents in person or request to have them sent by mail. Please note that we can only mail them to your home address, not to any third party. If you have any questions please contact our office at


How to Request Notarized Transcripts/Copies of Your Diploma:

  1. Complete a Notarization Request Form.
  2. Gather your documents and/or additional forms
    • For notarized transcripts: complete a Graduate Transcript Request Form and include payment as needed.
    • For notarized copies of your original diploma: send the original diploma to our office. We do not maintain copies of your diploma. Your original diploma will be returned along with the notarized documents. If the original diploma has been lost or damaged, please see below for information on requesting a replacement diploma.
    • Submit the completed Notarization Request Form and any additional required documents/forms along with payment to the Graduate Registrar’s Office by email, mail, fax, or in person.

Replacement Diploma

If your original diploma has been lost or damaged you may order a replacement diploma via the Diploma Replacement Request Form. Please note, if this form is not submitted in person it must be notarized. For additional instructions, follow the link to the form.